Using a Dust Collector Is a Proven Way to Solve Air Pollution Challenges

Dust Collection System for Air Control California

Here at Matrix Systems, we are excited to tell you more about the benefits you will enjoy when you choose our proven dust collection system for your San Jose commercial business. The use of reliable dust collectors is a proven solution for helping you to address the air pollution challenges that your business faces. Our DustHog line of dust collectors is engineered to meet a wide range of needs. Continue reading to learn more about the DustHog lineup.

A Look at Your Options

Our team at Matrix Systems proudly offers the following range of products designed to help you meet your air pollution challenges.

SFC Series: The SFC series is designed for downward flow and effectively removes smoke, dust, and fumes caused by industrial processes.

MCB Series: The MCB series is ideal for removing fine airborne dust. It is a self-contained system used in a versatile range of configurations.

V Series: Key benefits of the V series include its portability and versatility in the collection and elimination of powders, dust, and smoke caused by manufacturing operations.

SCA Series: The SCA series is ceiling-mounted and is an ideal choice for the collecting of dust, smoke, and welding fumes where source capture is difficult.

C Series: Businesses who need to remove large-size contaminants out of the air in their facility choose the C series. It is known as the Cyclone designed to remove moderate to large particulates such as sawdust, chips, and metal grindings.

Effective Dust Collection for a Huge Range of Applications

A huge benefit of choosing our team here at Matrix Systems is that we offer effective dust collection equipment for virtually any application out there. Our line of products is also designed to be easy to maintain and energy-efficient.

Get Your Consultation for the Best Industrial Dust Collector in San Jose

Our team at Matrix Systems is looking forward to speaking with you today about your requirements for an industrial dust collector in San Jose. You can get the answers to all of your questions when you contact us online or send an email to If you are located in the Bay Area, you can call us at (510) 822-5167. Customers who are located in Northern Nevada and the Sacramento Valley can reach our team at (530) 273-5474.