Factors to Consider When Selecting a Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Filtration System

Commercial kitchens are as unique and varied as the number of cuisines and dining formats available and, as a result, require unique designs and configurations for the commercial kitchen exhaust filtration system that support them. So, what should you look for in a commercial cooking exhaust system in order to make sure you get the perfect system for your kitchen?

Restaurant in need of a commercial cooking exhaust system in San Francisco, CA

Custom Engineering Designs

The commercial kitchen exhaust filtration system you select should handle a wide variety of configurations and sizes and able to be engineered for installation in multi-story structures and support multiple kitchens with one system. In addition, it should be able to be mounted in a number of ways, above the ceiling, through exterior walls, inside mechanical rooms, or on the roof of buildings.

Technical Support

If you have a large, complex, commercial cooking exhaust system there will inevitably be some problems after the configuration and installation of the unit. Your commercial cooking exhaust filtration system provider must have adequate knowledge and experience to resolve these problems that will occur as the result of your unique building or exhaust system setup.

Excellent ESP Efficiency

Efficient electrostatic precipitation technology (ESP) is the key to providing excellent performance in your commercial kitchen exhaust filtration system. These systems collect both large and small contaminants in the airflow from the kitchens through the various hood sizes installed above the stoves within your kitchen. The outgoing airflow should not contain any smoke or grease from the cooking process.

Environmental Compliance

The commercial cooking exhaust filtration system should comply with the strictest federal, state, and local environmental regulations. The system you select should also rely on aluminum ESP collection cells instead of disposable filters to reduce the impact on the environment. An automatic wash system can also cut down on the frequency of exchanging the aluminum ESP collection cells.

Ease of Cleaning and Reuse

The kitchen exhaust filtration system you select has to be easy to clean. Cleaning can be a challenge, especially for restaurants that do a lot of charcoal or wood-fired cooking. These generate a lot of grease and smoke that must be managed. The electrostatic precipitator cells in the system should be made of aluminum to make them easier to clean.

Numerous Accessories and Options

Every commercial kitchen exhaust filtration system is unique. There is no “standard” filtration system installation, therefore, the system you select must have numerous options to make the system work well in your particular building and setup.

Integration of System Controls

Your commercial cooking exhaust filtration system should also be easy to control. Control panels for the system should be easy to access, mounted for remote control, or integrated into a building’s maintenance system.

Looking for a Superior Commercial Cooking Exhaust Filtration System?

Matrix Systems supplies the SmogHog PSG series of kitchen emission control systems. These systems meet all of the requirements above and more. For more information, give us a call at either (510) 822-5167 for Bay Area customers, or (530) 273-5474 for Sacramento Valley and Northern Nevada area customers, complete our online contact form, or email us at mquinlan@2mxs.com.