How Does a Cyclone Dust Collection System Work?

The cyclone separator gets its name from how the air flows into this industrial dust collection system. The particulate-laden air enters from a side inlet at the top of a funnel-shaped container. The air hits the far wall of the chamber and then corkscrews downward at high speed. The particulates in the air stream hit the cone’s outside walls and slide downward until they hit the cone’s narrowest part, where gravity allows the contaminants to drop into the dust receptacle at the very bottom of the unit. The clean air then shoots upward and through the outlet.

Industrial dust collector using cyclone filter in San Jose, CA

What Are Cyclone Dust Collection Systems Used For?

A cyclone system is typically used as a first-phase of dust collection, capturing large and mid-sized particles such as chips, shavings, and sawdust. For this reason, cyclone dust collection systems are often seen in sawmills, pulp and papermills, granaries, food processing plants, recycling plants, and many other industries that need particles larger than 20 microns removed from the airflow.

What Cyclone Dust Collection Systems Do Not Do Well

Although cyclone separators are generally able to remove somewhere between 50-99% of all particulate matter for most industries that it is well suited for, it does not handle particulates smaller than 10 micrometers well at all. It also struggles with extremely light particles or particulates that are sticky or tacky. For airstreams with light or very fine particulates, a cyclone dust collector may be used as a “rough separator” for the airstream and then move on to another dust collection system designed to handle fine dust and particulates better.

Why Use a Cyclone Dust Collection System?

Cyclone separators are cheap to install. Since they have no moving parts, they are easy to operate and maintain, so maintenance and operating costs are low. Cyclone dust collectors also work well as dry scrubbers for flue gases. One last advantage of cyclones is that most of them take up very little space compared to other dust collection systems that handle a similar airflow volume.

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