The Ideal Solution for Solving Complex Process Emissions

SmogHog PSH systems are the ideal solution for solving and controlling complex process emissions. These systems provide a superior level of electrostatic precipitation performance. The result of using these systems is cleaner air and the elimination of costly compliance problems.

At Matrix Systems, we are the provider of the top electrostatic precipitator in San Francisco. The following information explains what you need to know about solving and controlling complex process emissions.

An Efficient and Safe Option

The SmogHog PSH systems are notable for offering the highest levels of efficiency in the emission collection industry. They can handle applications with airflow that ranges from 750 to 40 thousand CFM. These units are also notable for their safety and utilize a UL-recognized power supply that is nonlethal.

Our Units Help You to Face Your Compliance Issues Head-On

The compliance issues that your business faces are made much easier with SmogHog PSH units in place to help in meeting the highest state, local, and federal standards. The units work to stop contaminants before they have the opportunity to settle on buildings and parking lots that are near your facility.

How to Solve and Control Complex Process Emissions

The SmogHog PSH series works in a variety of sizes so that it can meet the specific application and dimensional needs of your company. The units can be installed outside your facility or inside it. They utilize a combination of filtering processes that can clean and precondition the most polluted airstreams.

The SmogHog PSH Systems Configure to Your Individual Needs

The flexibility of configuration options is a huge advantage of SmogHog PSH systems. Regardless of the building parameters or air volume involved, you can set these systems up to accommodate. Beyond the basic unit, an array of equipment options for airstream conditioning can complement the central system.

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