Learn All About Matrix SP7 Detergent

​Matrix Systems developed the SP7 detergent for SMOG HOG and Trion systems. This detergent was formulated specifically to clean SMOG HOG electrostatic precipitator systems by attacking the grease, fat and carbon that accumulates on the ESP’s collector plates and reduces the amount of grease that accumulates in the cabinets of ESP systems.

Matrix SP7 detergent for Trion client the Sandia Casino & Resort

Matrix SP7 Detergent Formulations

The Matrix SP7 detergent currently comes in two different formulations:

Benefits of Matrix SP7

​The SP7 also attacks odor causing sulfur-based compounds and mercaptans–a strong smelling compound that produces a rotten egg-like scent, often added to natural gas to help detect leaks–which reduces the smell that might be a nuisance to your neighbors.

One of the biggest benefits of Matrix SP7 detergent is that it is not a volatile organic compound (VOC) and is nontoxic. It is also biodegradable, safe to be used with aluminum, and can be shipped via UPS or other common carriers.

While many other detergents ship in 55-gallon drums, Matrix SP7 ships as concentrate in 5-gallon pails, resulting in a significant savings in shipping cost. For all of the details about Matrix SP7, check out its Material Data Safety Sheet here.

Matrix SP7 is SMOG HOG factory approved and is shipped with every SMOG HOG electrostatic precipitator unit sold, so don’t you want to continue using the most successful detergent for Trion and SMOG HOG systems?

Get Your Matrix SP7 Detergent Right from the Source

​Get your Matrix SP7 detergent from the original source–Matrix Systems. Have questions? Give us a call at (510) 822-5167 in the Bay Area or (530) 273-5474 in the Sacramento Valley and Northern Nevada area. You can also reach us by completing our online contact form, or email us at mquinlan@2mxs.com.