What is a Cyclone Dust Collection System?

A cyclone dust collection system, such as the DustHog C Series High Efficiency Cyclone Separator, is specifically designed to remove large to moderate-size particles such as sawdust, chips, bits of metal and other larger contaminants from the air. It separates the larger particles from the smaller, sometimes invisible particles in an airflow. It does this by using a long-tapered cone, an inlet that pushes air rapidly into the cone–somewhere between 800 and 13,000 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM).

This dirty air then spins around the inside of the cone–much like a cyclone–smashing larger particles against the cone wall and centrifugal force pushes the larger particles to the bottom of the cone and into a collection drum.The processed air is then forced back up through the middle of the airflow and either into an exhaust port, for into another set of industrial air filters to collect the finer particles that the cyclone was not able to collect.


Uses of the DustHog Cyclone Dust Collection System

This is a highly efficient dust collection system that can be used for many different functions across many different industries. Some examples of these functions include collecting particles from abrasive blasting, grinding, polishing, powder coating, sanding, sawing, welding and smelting. The DustHog cyclone dust collection system can be easily customized for any of these functions and can be integrated as part of a larger air pollution control system with ease. By contacting a Matrix Systems engineer, you can work closely with them to design a cyclone unit along with the replacement filters needed for your specific industry and job functions. These can be set up in one or two drum configurations, or be used with a 60 or 110 cubic foot hopper and use a variety of different replacement filter options–both interior and exterior.

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