Effective Elimination of Smoke and Odors Caused by Kitchen Emissions

Commercial Kitchen Emission Control Systems

The elimination of odors and smoke that result from commercial kitchen emissions is essential for your business. The good news is that SmogHog PSG air cleaning systems from Matrix Systems are the perfect solution for helping you eliminate odor and smoke.

These SmogHog PSG systems can be customized to be installed into your property’s existing infrastructure or designed to work perfectly within the framework of new construction. They can also be programmed so that they operate/self-clean as needed. With these points in mind, our team would like to tell you more about Sacramento’s best commercial kitchen exhaust systems.

How SmogHog Kitchen Emission Control Systems Can Help

There are many vital reasons why SmogHog systems are the best value for your money when it comes to solving fume problems that you experience at your business. Some of the available configurations require a minimal amount of ducting. This means you experience savings since you do not have to run expensive welded exhaust ducts.

A Product That Is the Result of Proven Technology That Offers Optimum Performance

The system works off proven technology that offers you an optimal level of performance. Adding a restaurant to your venue represents tremendous value but addressing the environmental issues it causes is a significant priority. This is why SmogHog PSG systems are such a great deal. They reduce your ongoing maintenance and operating costs by effectively eliminating hazardous pollutants.

A Quick Rundown of SmogHog Benefits

The following is a quick rundown of the benefits you can experience when implementing the SmogHog PSG system at your business. They include:

Learn More About Effective Kitchen Emissions Control

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